Episode 224: SHAZAM!

Episode 224: SHAZAM!

In this weeks exciting issue, the Geek Pop gang review the latest DC movie, SHAZAM! Of course we throw in some views on other geek stuff like Cowboy Bebop, The Joker, and Grease. Yeah Grease because I guess they’re making a prequel. So come on and let’s pop that geek!


Level 50: Stadia Aracdia

Level 50: Stadia Aracdia

On this level both Google and Apple push their way into gaming. PlayStation takes a page out of Nintendo’s handbook by reaching directly out to consumer with their State of Play. We discuss the future of streaming in Europe with Article 13 being passed. Finally, Borderlands 3 dropped a trailer. We got you boo, let’s get to reCapping this level before we drop into the next!

Episode 223: Rancor Teeth?!

Episode 223: Rancor Teeth?!

In this week’s issue we celebrate Jimmy Gunn’s return to directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Disney’s deal to buy Fox is done and now we worry about the fate of Fox’s X-Men universe. We learn a little more about light saber building at Star War: Galaxy’s Edge Park and while Lisa contemplates how many Rancor teeth can fit on a light saber.
So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Level 49: Twitch streamers up to no good

Level 49: Twitch streamers up to no good

As Lisa is away on side quest; Sasha, Bernice and Cindy discuss Ubisoft’s controversial government shutdown joke, several big time streamers tied into underage sex scandals, Fornite’s virtual concert featuring Marshmello and Sony’s reasoning as to why Playstation doesn’t have cross play. We also chat about the recent Nintendo Direct, new Gen 8 Pokemon starters, saying good-bye to Reggie and a possibility of taxes for mature games. Join us on another epic quest to rescue the princess.

Episode 222: Captain Marvel

Episode 222: Captain Marvel

In this weeks glorious issue we review Marvels latest feature, Captain Marvel. We also check out that new Aladdin trailer and talk about what’s in store for Disney+. So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Episode 221: Galaxy’s Edge

Episode 221: Galaxy’s Edge

In this fine issue the Geek Pop gang gets in to the details of the new Star Wars land, Galaxy’s Edge. We also watch a few glorious trailers like Detective Pikachu, Shazam, and Hellboy. And we say good bye to actor Luke Perry. So come and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 220: Geek Pop Hustle

Episode 220: Geek Pop Hustle

In this week’s thrilling issue, the Geek Pop gang bond over the importance of good 3D, Stephen Chow, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. We also talk about that wacky Banana Splits horror remake, BumbleBee being a reboot, and Chyna finally being inducted. Come on and let’s pop that geek!

Episode 219: Ducks and Monkeys

Episode 219: Ducks and Monkeys

In this issue the Geek Pop gang are floored to find out Howard the Duck AND Hit-Monkey are getting shows!! We also weigh in on the GenieGate, Oscar award snubs, and the new Child’s Play trailer. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 218: Glitter Farts

Episode 218: Glitter Farts

In this weeks issue, Geek Pop figures out what glitter farts smell like. Cindy from Dead Pixel joins us this week and reminds us that she is the best. We mull over the idea of a Lost reboot and we go over some of the trailers that aired during the super bowl. So come on and lets pop that geek!

Episode 217: The Bry-ometer?

Episode 217: Bry-ometer?

In this weeks issue, the Geek Pop gang talks about the DCEU’s Birds of Prey and how Jimmy Gunn is taking the reins for Suicide Squad 2. We also find out that SKIPPY the force sensitive droid will be back, in some way, in the Mandalorian. There is also some Zootopia, Baby Driver 2, and Funko movie news for the crew to discuss. So come on and lets pop that geek!