Episode 163: Tattoo Bet?

Episode 163: Tattoo Bet?

This week the gang is actually at Comic Con so we prerecorded an episode for you. Its got everything you need from a video game argument to talk of Captain EO  changing the Disney parks. Also the creator of Left 4 Teletubbies(the Left 4 Dead mod) stops by and chats.  So come on, let’s pop that geek.

Episode 162: Homecoming

Episode 162: Homecoming

In this weeks issue of Geek Pop we have a peanut gallery while we record the episode.   We find out that Big Chris has never heard of the hit show This Is Us and Lisa is shocked… SHOCKED.  We went to see Spider-Man:Homecoming and we give our review of the movie. We speculate on what will be reveled this weekend at D23 in regard to what will happen to some rides at the all of the Disney parks.  Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 161: Smells Like What?

Episode 161: Smells Like What?
In this issue the gang gets waaaaay in to smells. What does a hentai pillow or maybe Batman body smell like? We also talk about the changes coming to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Doctor Who finale, and Sense 8 getting a 2 hour series wrap-up. Come on, let’s pop that geek.

Episode 160: Souls for Amiibos

Episode 160: Souls for Amiibos

In this weeks issue of Geek Pop we catch up on everything that has happened since E3… well almost everything. Bryan shares with us his experience at the Futurama: World of Tomorrow launch party. Lisa and Enrique talk about going to see the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. Come on, lets pop that geek.

Level 31: E3 reRound up

Level 31: E3 reRound up

Join us this level as we dig into all of the news from E3. We highlight all of the press conferences and share which games we are looking forward to. Sasha and Lisa were able to go to E3 and we highlight which games we played.


Episode 159: E3 2017

Episode 159: E3 2017
We’re back and this weeks issue is us at E3 2017, baby! Listen in as we because we recorded at the end of each day that we were there. We even had Sasha from Level ReCap hop on. The Geek Pop drought is over so come and lets pop that geek!

Episode 158: Recorded In The Past

Episode 158: Recorded In The Past 

This week we kind of took off. Its cool though because we recorded an episode of us just being us. So sit back, relax, and get to know the Geek Pop gang a little better then maybe you wanted to. Come on, lets pop that geek.


Episode 157: Charms & Trek

Episode 157: Charms & Trek
In this issue the Geek Pop gang talks about Star Trek Discovery’s new trailer. Also we watch The Orville trailer which is a Star Trek inspired comedy series by Seth Macfarlane. And we toss in some Flash, Moana, and Sonic stuff for good measure. Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 156: Mary Poppins Y’all!

Episode 156: Mary Poppins Y’all!
Once in a while a movie comes along that these A-Holes agree to do pretty much a whole show on. Well this is one of those times, so sit prepare to listen to our review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
I am Groot I am Groot, I am Groot!

Episode 155: Turkey Legs and Cleavage

Episode 155: Turkey Legs and Cleavage

In this weeks issue the Geek Pop gang visits the Ren Faire. Yes we love the Ren Faire but we also bring the geek talk. Dark Tower, Defenders, and Jeff Goldblum are all on the topics board this week. So come now and let us pop thy geek!