Episode 259: Things Change

Episode 259: Things Change. Yup the world changes and so must we. Listen to this new episode and find out what our possible future holds. I mean, we still bring the all the geek speak you love. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

In this episode the Geek Pop gang returns to SDCC for the first time in years. Is the the worlds most popular pop culture convention as mighty as it once was? Was there as much to see or do? Did big Chris ever get his soap? Find out in this XL issue of Geek Pop!!




Episode 254: Invisible

Episode 254: Invisible

In this weeks brand new issue, the Geek POP gang is back…well at least two of us are. We give a quick rundown of geek news that’s been going and we review the Invisible Man. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 253: Postponed

Episode 253: Postponed

In this week’s issue the gang plays the Final Fantasy 7 demo and somehow all of us find the secret alternate ending. Baby Driver gets a sequel, Netflix has the animes, and Kids in the Hall is coming back. In lieu of Emerald City Comic Con Funko trys its first Virtual Convention. So come on and let’s Pop that geek.

Episode 252: McCandles

Episode 252: McCandles

In this week’s issue the Geek Pop gang break down how to unlock a hidden Chewie mode on the Millennium Falcon ride! We also discuss the new TMNT/Power Rangers crossover comics, Netflix’s Transformers trilogy, leaked set photos from The Batman, and much more. So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Episode 251: In The Shower?!

Episode 251: In The Shower?!

In this weeks issue the Geek Pop gang tackle another internet poll and well, wow. Of course we also have other topics like an Overwatch cartoon, Universal’s Monsterland, and Kevin Smith’s He-Man cast! So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Episode 250: Stand and Wipe!

Episode 250: Stand and Wipe!

In this weeks questionable episode the Geek Pop gang gets back in to the swing of things by talking about bathroom habits. Oh, we also watch the new FF trailer, find out about Aladdin 2, and learn of a One Piece Netflix show. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 249: Fragrant Candles.

Episode 249: Fragrant Candles.

In the weeks surprising issue, the Geek Pop gang is joined by Pachuco from Dead Pixel. We talk about all sorts of things like the Birds of Prey, Super Nintendo Land, vagina candles, yeah…vagina candles. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Level 56: Game Over

Level 56: Game Over

The final level… as all good things must come to an end. Join Sasha, Bernice, Lisa, and Cindy as they share their favorite topics discussed each Level so far, and their top 5 games of the decade. We want to thank you all for joining us on our adventures every reCap, and we hope to run this dungeon together again.

Episode 248: The Rise of Skywalker

Episode 248: The Rise of Skywalker

In this end of year issue the Geek Pop gang does what they usually do and reviews a Star Wars movie. The last of the Skywalker saga films has come and we’re to talk about it with you. So come on and let’s pop that geek! …remember, the force will be with you. Always.