Episode 196: Geeks and Games

Episode 196: Geeks and Games

In this weeks podcast the Geek Pop gang watches the Dumbo trailer without crying. We also discuss a rumor about Disney’s Gargoyles, hear of an Arachnophobia remake, aaaaaand watch some kick-ass E3 trailers. So come on, lets pop that geek!


Episode 195: Lightsaber Claws

Episode 195: Lightsaber Claws

In this weeks podcast, the Geek Pop gang watches a bunch of movie trailers. Also, among other things, we find out that Wolverine has a new power, a different Joker movie is getting made, and we ponder if the Jackass guys can still do Jackass. So come on, let’s pop that geek.

Episode 194: Solopool

Episode 194: Solopool

In this weeks issue, the Geek Pop gang review Deadpool 2 and Solo. We also throw in a bit of our regular geek news stuff but lets be real. You came here to hear what we thought about these two movies and maybe to watch us argue. Oh and we definitely argue;) So come on, lets pop that geek!

Level 42: Is the End Nigh?

Level 42: Is the End Nigh?

All things, great or not, must come to an end. Not us, we’re good. But Gamestop’s CEO bows out, Sony ends physical Vita cart production in US and Europe, and Best Buy ends their Gamer Club Program. But hey, maybe E3 will bring up lots of goodies to tide us over while we mourn.

Episode 193: Renewed & Canceled

Episode 193: Renewed & Canceled

In this week’s issue the Geek Pop gang cry’s and laughs over canceled or renewed shows. We also fondly remember Willow and are gleeful happy over news of a possible sequel. There’s also some Star Wars news, Monster Hunter stuff, and an Alfred Pennyworth show. Yeah. So Come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 192: Renaissance Geeks

Episode 192: Renaissance Geeks
In the issue, hear the Geek Pop gang tell their tales of wonder, barely bearable heat, and wet dirty wenches all from this years Renaissance Pleasure Faire! We of course have our usual bit of geekery as well with Bill&Ted, Swamp Thing, and Steam. So come hither, and let us pop thy geek!

Episode 191: Infinity War

Episode 191: Infinity War

Yup, in this issue we watch some trailers then discuss the newest Avengers movie, Infinity War. So come on, let’s pop that geek.

Level 41: “eSports is changing the game!”

Level 41: “eSports is changing the game!”

This month’s level takes us on some exciting, alarming, and discouraging adventures. eSports is really shaping up to be a respected and huge mainstream sporting event, with proper handling of more sexual misconduct and positive media coverage on the player’s lives. Some lawsuits come to an end, and a new company buyout surprise us again. The ever increasing mass shootings happening in the US show up to the largest video-sharing website’s headquarter, as content creators show major discontent with policy changes. This extra long adventure is full of gaming passion and passionate opinions, so gaming news for the first hour, and games we played (loved) fills out the rest.

Episode 189: Ready Player One

Episode 189:Ready Player One

In this weeks issue, the Geek Pop gang travels to the Oasis and reviews Steven Spielberg’s latest grand spectacle, Ready Player One. So come on, lets Pop that geek.

Level 40: Guns, Girls, and Nintendo

Level 40: Guns, Girls, and Nintendo

On this level we discuss the rise of the streamer Ninja.  Fortnite goes mobile and women have joined in the fun to manys dismay.  Overwatch League gives out more fines and suspensions. We wade into violence and how videogames like other media get pulled into the conversation. Then we lighten the mood with some Nintendo news. Let’s get to reCapping this level before we hit the next!