Episode 3: Talkin’ Time Travel

Episode 3

In this weeks episode we argue time travel, Joey MAKES us talk about beer, and we “Break a little Bad”. **SPOILERS TOWARD THE END**


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  1. I’ll be listening in during the live feed next episode, but I might be lying =P And it’s “Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon because I DON’T KNOW!” Both Diego and I worked on it =)

  2. Thanks Phat Joe for the shout out!

    Big C, I also worked on DuckTails and Adventure Time as well as the new Regular Show and smurf 2 games…you know, just FYI. Throwing it out there. If you’re interested about more deets about those games 😉

    As for the time travel. The terminator is more of the butterfly effect. Its all one time line, so if anything changes in the past, the timeline updates itself to those changes. Like the movie the butterfly effect.

    For back to the future, its is more of a parallel universe type thing. where if you change the past the you are no longer on the same timeline, you are now on a parallel version of that original timeline.

    How ever in essence, just going back in time in general, your presence alone has already changed the future. Even though you haven’t “done” anything yet.

    Other than that, great show! Look forward to the next experience.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I use to work and live in a cemetery for years. So someone of that size who dies, then have to get a custom made Casket and Vault to be barried in. As well as they would be paying for two plot sizes to accommodate them. In the end, very expensive.

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