In this episode we talk about Ben as Bruce, we edumicate Nick on some movie trivia, and for some reason we talk about the Wii U for a loooong stretch…even though none of us own one…or are going to buy one.
Episode 05


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  1. No sales tax on the PlayStation Network, and in most vendors selling digital content (ex: GameStop) because you can only tax physical items and possibly services depending on what that is. Is Microsoft that desperate for gamer money?

    I was a huge Final Fantasy XI gamer, with a Mithra level maxed out as a Summoner, Red Mage, and White Mage =P I worked really hard to make sure I earned the monthly payment. I also finished all my chores and homework to then bust out gaming through thew weekend and night for over 8 hours. I also made great life long friends online, on which I’m playing Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn to this day lol. Well the Beta, I have no funds for a monthly fee even though its like $7.

    Dammit guys! I really want to talk games with chuuuuuuuuuuuu… I’m literally debating with you guys in my room alone, loudly.

  2. I’m a BIG fan of Zelda! First game I ever and only played on the Nintendo systems. Along with Megaman being my second most played game. Do you guys know about the crazy Zelda timeline!?!

    I’m with Sasha, I listen to your cast while doing work on the computer and always debating your guy’s topics. People in the house are starting to think I’m crazy arguing with the computer.

    Also I would like to question Nick legitimacy as a geek!! Red flags came up on the Nick knows Dick segment….

    • Zelda is one of our collectively favorite games. As for Nicks “legitimacy” as a geek, we would say that as long as he WANTS to know more and is interested in geeky things then he is in fact, a geek.

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