Episode 08: THE KEYTROLLER!?

This week we welcome our good friend Sasha to the show. We ask who is Djimon Hounsou anyway? Mortal Kombat, have you seen it, because most of us haven’t. We also Talk a little Dead, Sasha likes Pirates XXX?, and we debate the “link” between 1st person shooters and real world violence. Now lets pop that geek!

Episode 08: THE KEYTROLLER!?


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  1. Maybe for people like Nick, the steam box would be a nice choice for an easier way to play PC games. It’s pretty much a PC in a console form. If you read up on the spec’s of the steam box, its nothing really to Aw at. Though they claim it has upgradability. But to upgrade, you have to buy the company’s proprietary modular parts, and that won’t be cheap. Not to mention the hardware isn’t all that different from what you may find in the Xone or PS4. I think their biggest issue is going to be cooling. The steam box has only a passive air heat sink. So playing games under load will heat that sucker up. Also you wouldn’t really be able to play any steam games past mid settings. Some dev’s are actually going to make their games with a mode that will support the steambox.

    All in all. I think the steambox will have a lot of short comings. And to really get the best PC gaming experience, get a rig that you can play a game on on Max settings. So you can enjoy all the many visual extras that you don’t see on a console.

    For the games related to shootings/violence. Gent bent fucking idiots. What was it, Columbine, where they tried to blame music? People are always looking to blame something else and not take responsibility for their actions. I know of kids with turners syndrome or is autistic that knows the difference between game violence and real life. what does that say about normal people who commit shootings? That their fucking idiots and so is the media.

    I think Penn tells it good about gun violence and etc here in these 2 video.

    Good show

  2. Thanks for rundown Oscar, I figured if anyone knew about Steambox it would be you. But I’m still happy with the current build you made me, still playing games strong! Thanks again!

    Oh and I messed up, Giant Robot 2 is is West Los Angeles, not Santa Monica…

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