Episode 12: SHA-ZAMM…no wait, I mean KA-ZAMM!

Episode 12

In this issue Nick drops $250 on a Kickstarter, Diego eats flying shrimp(allegedly), Lisa is here to, and Chris has another wacky “celeb” story. Consider your Geek popped!


Here are this week links(some of the in episode references)-

BADMAN: http://youtu.be/WOg3ZE3hNQc

Censored Sopranos: http://youtu.be/FmX-SSJO-ug

Wolverine gets fired: http://youtu.be/u6V9R40lEDE


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  1. I do listen to the Podcast, just not always right away. And for cripes sake there’s a ton of things to play and do on the PS4, and why buy a game on PS4 over PS3, why buy BluRay over DVD?! And even if a title is coming out on multiple consoles, most people only pick one, and if you picked PS4, you’ll most likely get the title for the PS4… geez

    Didn’t Ripley’s daughter live a normal life, Alien free, and die before her mother was ever found or awoken from hyper sleep? Anyway, I laughed a lot in this episode. Good job =P

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