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Episode 259: Things Change

Episode 259: Things Change. Yup the world changes and so must we. Listen to this new episode and find out what our possible future holds. I mean, we still bring the all the geek speak you love. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

In this episode the Geek Pop gang returns to SDCC for the first time in years. Is the the worlds most popular pop culture convention as mighty as it once was? Was there as much to see or do? Did big Chris ever get his soap? Find out in this XL issue of Geek Pop!!


Level 56: Game Over

Level 56: Game Over

The final level… as all good things must come to an end. Join Sasha, Bernice, Lisa, and Cindy as they share their favorite topics discussed each Level so far, and their top 5 games of the decade. We want to thank you all for joining us on our adventures every reCap, and we hope to run this dungeon together again.

Episode 247: Atomic Blonde

Episode 247: Atomic Blonde

In the weeks issue, the Geek Pop gang discusses the new Ghostbusters trailer with a guest host from our past. Curiously we also find out one of our crew REALLY loves Atomic Blonde. ​We also throw in some Mulan, Wonder Woman, and Reno 911. So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Level 54: Media Magic

Level 54: Media Magic

On the this level we have Dr. Disrespects breaking character to apologize as he returns to streaming. Gamer girls women are behaving badly? Belle Delphine starts selling her own bath water, Alinity’s affinity for tossing pets, and Qiaobiluo Dianxia true identity is revealed! Also Randy Pitchford is in trouble again and Nintendo is having Joy Con problems.

Level 52: PlayStation, Nintendo, & Microsoft oh my!

Level 52: PlayStation, Nintendo, & Microsoft oh my!

Borderlands, or rather Gearbox, is still circulating in legal disputes and voice actor issues, while Riot’s employees finally walk out to hopefully get some much needed change, a Youtuber is doing something bad again, and Netflix at E3?!. We also share our hopes and speculations for E3 this year.

Episode 225: Rise ’n’ Skywalker

Episode 225: Rise ’n’ Skywalker

Thanks to Star Wars Celebration the Geek Pop gang has a slew of news to go through, including the Episode 9 teaser. We also happened to watch the season premiere of a little independent show called Game of Thrones. Of course we throw in a few other topics just for good measure so come on and let’s pop that geek!

Level 50: Stadia Aracdia

Level 50: Stadia Aracdia

On this level both Google and Apple push their way into gaming. PlayStation takes a page out of Nintendo’s handbook by reaching directly out to consumer with their State of Play. We discuss the future of streaming in Europe with Article 13 being passed. Finally, Borderlands 3 dropped a trailer. We got you boo, let’s get to reCapping this level before we drop into the next!

Episode 223: Rancor Teeth?!

Episode 223: Rancor Teeth?!

In this week’s issue we celebrate Jimmy Gunn’s return to directing Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Disney’s deal to buy Fox is done and now we worry about the fate of Fox’s X-Men universe. We learn a little more about light saber building at Star War: Galaxy’s Edge Park and while Lisa contemplates how many Rancor teeth can fit on a light saber.
So come on and let’s pop that geek!

Episode 218: Glitter Farts

Episode 218: Glitter Farts

In this weeks issue, Geek Pop figures out what glitter farts smell like. Cindy from Dead Pixel joins us this week and reminds us that she is the best. We mull over the idea of a Lost reboot and we go over some of the trailers that aired during the super bowl. So come on and lets pop that geek!