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Level 45: “Sweet Air Tricks”

Level 45 “Sweet Air Tricks”

What about “Homophobic, Sexist, and Toxic behavior not prohibited” don’t Streamers understand? We have a spectrum of topics this episode, with some good news but sadly a slew of bad news. Our discussion ranges from famous gaming peripheral companies merging, playing games during an interview, losing discounts on new games, stealing a plane, and a fatal shooting at a game tournament. Come take a listen for the gaming news and join us for our psuedo game reviews.


Level 44: Twitch Thoughts

Level 44: Twitch Thoughts

On this level a couple of us stop by Comic Con and see what it has to offer when it comes to gaming.  It’s surprisingly more than you would think. Bethesda sues Warner Brothers for blatantly ripping off Fallout Shelter.  Finally it’s like we are back in the early 2000’s learning what or isn’t appropriate to say when streaming.  Let’s get to reCapping this level before we crash into the next!

Level 43: “E3 2018”

Level 43: “E3 2018”

It’s one of our favorite times of the year again! Gamers, game media, and developers all converge on Los Angeles for another week of E3. We have some great, to not so great, press conferences from all of the biggest game companies. Lots of new game announcements, from sequels, prequels, and new titles. Another year open to the public and we discuss whether E3 learned its lesson on crowd control and security. Join Level reCap as we breakdown E3 2018 and share our favorite gaming announcements.

Level 42: Is the End Nigh?

Level 42: Is the End Nigh?

All things, great or not, must come to an end. Not us, we’re good. But Gamestop’s CEO bows out, Sony ends physical Vita cart production in US and Europe, and Best Buy ends their Gamer Club Program. But hey, maybe E3 will bring up lots of goodies to tide us over while we mourn.

Level 41: “eSports is changing the game!”

Level 41: “eSports is changing the game!”

This month’s level takes us on some exciting, alarming, and discouraging adventures. eSports is really shaping up to be a respected and huge mainstream sporting event, with proper handling of more sexual misconduct and positive media coverage on the player’s lives. Some lawsuits come to an end, and a new company buyout surprise us again. The ever increasing mass shootings happening in the US show up to the largest video-sharing website’s headquarter, as content creators show major discontent with policy changes. This extra long adventure is full of gaming passion and passionate opinions, so gaming news for the first hour, and games we played (loved) fills out the rest.

Level 40: Guns, Girls, and Nintendo

Level 40: Guns, Girls, and Nintendo

On this level we discuss the rise of the streamer Ninja.  Fortnite goes mobile and women have joined in the fun to manys dismay.  Overwatch League gives out more fines and suspensions. We wade into violence and how videogames like other media get pulled into the conversation. Then we lighten the mood with some Nintendo news. Let’s get to reCapping this level before we hit the next!

Level 39: Twitch Community Hour

Level 39: Twitch Community Hour

Twitch and women take the focus this level with pushes to include women in both streaming and professional level esports teams. A longtime banned member of Twitch takes his issue with them to court, while the God of War makes an appearance on a basketball court. Boost your gaming knowledge with this episode of Level ReCap.

Level: 38 “ToxicWatch”

Blizzard is taking toxicity super seriously in both the Overwatch game and League, especially with the eSports season underway. Legal matters emerging out of the gaming world, both gamers and industry patrons alike. Cryptocurrency taking over the GPU market, drama arises in the streaming community, and what Nintendo can giveth they can taketh away.


Level 37 PSX2017

Level 37 PSX2017

It’s that time of year! This month all of your adventurers went to the PlayStation Experience. We share our experiences on what we liked, loved, and disliked about Sony’s 4th annual convention. Let’s reCap this level before we level up.

Level 36: Cyber Crime Overtime

Level 36  Cyber Crime Overtime

Title: Cyber Crime Overtime Description: In our largest level yet, we recap Blizzcon, shady decisions from EA and Bungie, sexual harassment running rampant, and layoffs and shutdowns from reknown studios. Pokemon Go tries to challenge trainers with an elusive new raid and global challenge. Our walk-through for this level is massive, but don’t let it dull your sense of pride and accomplishment.