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Episode 100: 100 Episodes

Episode 100: 100 Episodes

In this landmark issue: The Geek Pop gang records their 100th episode!! Of course we still talk about the Superman v Batman trailer, Final Fantasy 7 remake, and other various topics. But we also reflect back a bit on our Geek Pop history. Strap in for the XL 100th episode of Geek Pop! Now come on, lets pop that geek!

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, Diego Paz, Gabriel Perez, and Enrique Duran.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Episode 42: Eat’n Jelly’s

In this weeks Jelly Belly infused issue: The Geek Pop crew wonders when Leo will get an Oscar. They muse on what some one would do with Buffys red leather pants. Lisa gives the Sailor Moon reboot some love. Matt wants to be an action figure. Chris loves Q*Bert, Nick loves Destiny, and Gabe loves Enchanted. Whoa, lets pop that geek!