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Episode 94: Battlefrontin

Episode 94: Battlefrontin

In this weeks issue: The Geek Pop gang test drives the beta for Star Wars Battlefront. We also have some Hateful 8 stuff, Flash movie news, and a new Boba Fett?! Also, Bryan hips us to the LiningUp for Episode VII Hollywood thing hes participating in for charity…and Star Wars. So come on, lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, and Matt Lowery.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Episode 77: Not Opposable!

Episode 77: Not Opposable!

In this heroic issue: The Geek Pop gang gives their review of the new Avengers flick! We talk of opposable boobs on a new MGS figure. The crew kind of gets excited over the new successor of Castlevania, Bloodstained, and we get in to a digital download debate. Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 39: Geek Of Thrones

In this week fantastical issue; The gang talks about the season finale of Game of Thrones. Nick expresses an interest in crabs. We talk waaaay to long about a new kids show featuring the offspring of the Disney villians. Also, Will from the podcast BTL stops by and serves everyone some ice. Lets get that geek popped, GAME OF THRONES STYLE!