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Episode 89: Nightmare on Geek Street

Episode 89: Nightmare on Geek Street

In this weeks issue: The Geek Pop gang mourns the loss of Nightmare on Elm Street director, Wes Craven. We also talk about ethnic diversity on Fear the Walking Dead. We realize Star Wars news should just get a weekly spot. And news of a Borderlands movie has us all excited. Come on, lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Diego Paz, and Matt Lowery.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Level 5: It’s not you, its Kojima

Level 5: It’s not you, its Kojima

This months gaming news hits hard with Digimon coming to PSVita, Rockband 4, Nvidia Shield console, Nintendo going mobile, Kojima leaving Konami, and more!

Level 4: Lights Out Highway.

Level 4
Thought last month’s episode was too short? Well this month’s Level ReCap is just tall enough! Level 4 brings our hosts Bernice, Lisa, and Sasha together to talk about the sleuth of games we, *cough cough* Sasha, finished in the past month, Bethesda’s press conference, Anthony Burch moving onto Hulu, Happy Birthday PSVita, TwitchCon, and more Borderlands news.



In this heavy issue: SURPRISE MUTHA F#@KA! The Geek Pop gang gets in to a twisty debate over M. Night Shyamalan, is he horrible or is he actually great? We ponder what the best Steve Jobs movie is(Its Pirates Of Silicon Valley). We find out a new It movie is being made, a more vicious version. The Jokers new “origin” is openly mocked. And Geek Pop makes a few fun announcements for its near future. Come on and lets get that Geek Popped.

Level 3: Short and Sweet

Level 3: Short and Sweet
This month’s Level ReCap goes over our favorite games of 2014, Borderlands Handsome Collection, Free to play MS-DOS Games, Streaming through Steam and Microsoft, and more!

Episode 66: Bathroom Couches

Episode 66: Bathroom Couches 

In this believable issue: The Geek Pop gang get in to a moral augment over if the Suicide Squad is good or bad. We ask the question “are the Gold Razzies nominees really worthy of said nominations?”. Chris hits the gang with a news of the True Believer comic line. The crew also discusses Borderlands, Arrow, Power Rangers, and X-Files…do we want to believe still? So come on and lets get that geek popped.

Episode 57: COMIKAZE’D

In this excelsior issue: The Geek Pop gang recounts their adventures at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. The crew saw some awesome artists, cool celebrities, and some kick-ass cosplay. Chris talks about his love for The Crow. The new Wonder Woman movie rumors are weighed. We all nerd out over the new Fast and Furious 7 trailer. And we review Dr Mario as our retro game of the week. Lets get that geek popped.

Episode 53: Aquamans a Jerk!


In this shiny issue: The Geek Pop gang considers what plastic surgery they would be willing to have. We ask the question, Aquaman; is he a friend to the ocean or a lazy Bum? What do we think about the upcoming PS TV? The crew plays one of the most punishing retro games yet. And someone forgets to turn off her damn phone! Ahem, lets pop that geek.

Episode 33: Amazing Spider-Man?

Episode 33: Amazing Spider-Man?

In this amazing episode of Geek Pop: Chris informs us of the relationship between Django and John Shaft. We mourn Bob Hoskins by remembering his work. The crew talks about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is it any good? White zombies in Japan are mocked. And we invent our own war game starring celebrities! Time to pop that geek.

Episode 30: Superpower WHITE!

Episode 30: Superpower WHITE

In this unbelievable issue of Geek Pop, we find out Matt thinks being white is a superpower? Game of Thrones episode, The Purple Wedding, is thoroughly discussed. The crew takes a look at a new kooky PC game where you ACT like an airplane. And the new Borderlands pre-sequel gets Big Chris, Lisa, and Nick excited! Lets-a-pop-a-dat-geek!