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Episode 104: Always.

Episode 104: Always.

In this real issue: The Geek Pop gang lovingly talks about the work of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. We also talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer that is set to Queen, Star Wars Rebels trailer, and about hopping on a virtual bus. Come on lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, Diego Paz, and Enrique Duran.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Episode 86: Lairs & lizards

Episode 86: Lairs & Lizards

In this daring issue: The Geek Pop gang trys Lays new flavors of chips! We watch the new red band trailer for Deadpool, talk Spidey rumors, and we weigh Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Also the crew gets baffled by the news of a PEZ movie? Lets get that geek pop.

Episode 75: Celebration

Episode 75: Celebration

In this galactic issue: The Geek Pop gang recounts their adventures at Star Wars Celebration 2015. The crew builds up to that by first talking about other geeky news like a Galaxy Quest TV show, Marvel small screen plans, and our two cents on the Batman V Superman trailer. So strap in and hit the hyper drive, it’s time to get that geek popped.

Episode 61: Everything is Rebooting

Episode 61: Everything is Rebooting

In this mammoth issue: The Geek Pop gang discuss if Will Smith still has the star power to make the Suicide Squad a big hit. Nick defends Ryan Reynolds being cast as Deadpool.  Gabe can’t remember the name of a memorable Bond villain.  We learn when Matt started to grow his glorious ‘statche. The gang tackles the PlayStation Experience and The 12 World Premieres from the Video Game Awards, and someone loses out on a free copy of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Alrighty, lets get that geek popped.

Episode 44: Wolverine Uncut


In this weeks heroic issue: The Geek Pop gang get serious about Wolverines junk. Everyone admits they still love the Power Rangers. Chris gives us some of the “plot” from the new Star Wars film while Gabe finds it dubious. Nick admits he thinks Peter Dinklage is overrated. Sasha loves the idea of the blackest black for fashion. And Matt continues to despise movies. Come’on and lets pop that geek!

Episode 39: Geek Of Thrones

In this week fantastical issue; The gang talks about the season finale of Game of Thrones. Nick expresses an interest in crabs. We talk waaaay to long about a new kids show featuring the offspring of the Disney villians. Also, Will from the podcast BTL stops by and serves everyone some ice. Lets get that geek popped, GAME OF THRONES STYLE!

Episode 35: King of Monsters?

Episode 35: King of Monsters?

In this weeks monstrous issue of Geek Pop: We get down and dirty with the new Godzilla movie. The new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer makes us happy.  We talk about actors that got replaced after they had been cast. And Matt tells us more about the game Watchdogs. Alright y’all, lets pop some geeks.