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Episode 62: EMAILS!

Episode 62: EMAILS!

In this manly issue: The Geek Pop boys gush over their mutual man crush, The Rock. Poor, poor Sonys dirty laundry is aired all over the net and we’re right here to make sense of it.  Everything from Spider-Man and Ghostbusters to a Django/Zorro crossover. We also discuss a tantalizing import game from Japan and review Little Nemo for our retro game of the week. Come’on, lets get that geek popped.


Episode 52: Hating on Huffle

In this questionable episode: The Geek Pop gang gets sorted in to Hogwarts houses, kinda. Excitement becomes contagious for the return of a long forgotten soda. 120fps camera, is it going to be awesomesauce or lame pudding? Does Chewbacca need to wear pants? What will Matt NEVER rent? We got questions AND most of the answers! Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 51: A New Home

In this jiving issue: The Geek Pop gang gets a new home at ManaForge Games in the chill city of Duarte. While getting used to our new cave we find the time to talk about The Rocks new DC role, comics for new boobs, and we even squeeze in some Destiny. Its time to get that geek popped.

Episode 42: Eat’n Jelly’s

In this weeks Jelly Belly infused issue: The Geek Pop crew wonders when Leo will get an Oscar. They muse on what some one would do with Buffys red leather pants. Lisa gives the Sailor Moon reboot some love. Matt wants to be an action figure. Chris loves Q*Bert, Nick loves Destiny, and Gabe loves Enchanted. Whoa, lets pop that geek!

Episode 40: E3’n it!


On this weeks digital issue: We give you part 2 of last weeks episode. This part is all E3, baby! Even though none of us actually went this year we followed it closely online. BTLs Will sticks around to chat games with us, Nick won’t shut up about Destiny, and we learn Lisa loves WWII dog games. Let’s pop that geek!