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Episode 259: Things Change

Episode 259: Things Change. Yup the world changes and so must we. Listen to this new episode and find out what our possible future holds. I mean, we still bring the all the geek speak you love. So come on and let’s pop that geek.

Episode 104: Always.

Episode 104: Always.

In this real issue: The Geek Pop gang lovingly talks about the work of David Bowie and Alan Rickman. We also talk about the new Suicide Squad trailer that is set to Queen, Star Wars Rebels trailer, and about hopping on a virtual bus. Come on lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, Diego Paz, and Enrique Duran.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Episode 103: Diego Covers it

Episode 103: Diego Covers it

In this fresh episode: The Geek Pop gang marvels over Diego’s awesome art for the show. We also get in to rumored Han Solo casting, some Oculus Rift pricing, and we ask “Have you seen the Photoshop of Ham as Cable?”. Come’on, lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, Diego Paz, and Enrique Duran.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.

Episode 81: Matt Doesn’t Like Fun!

Episode 81: Matt Doesn’t Like Fun!

In this tasty issue: The Geek Pop gang talks a blue streak about E3. We argue over if SNL is still funny. And the Game of Thrones season finally gets picked apart. Time to get your geek popped.

Level 6: Revenge of the Modders

Level 6: Revenge of the Modders

Turns out it wasn’t Kojima, it was Konami! This month’s episode of Level reCap has us saying goodbye to Silent Hills, updating on Xbox One exclusives, Call of Duty Black Ops III hype, newest Fatal Frame coming to the US, another Five Nights at Freddy’s, and much more gaming news!

Episode 72: Dirty Dishes

Episode 72: Dirty Dishes

In this bonkers issue: The Geek Pop gang talks of plates and dishes?! The crew lays down the rules for Liam Neeson and Katherine Heigl. We find out Matt hates DeLoreans and that Nick loves J-Law. Lisa is ok with the Game Of Thrones “spoilers” season on HBO. All that and  a ninja turtle dies? Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 60: Lisa Pop!

Episode 60: Lisa Pop

In this commandeered issue: Lisa takes over this episode and leads the The Geek Pop gang.  We try to figure out how many years pass between Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World.  Gabe makes stuff up while we discuss the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  No one but Lisa knows who is Andy Serkis.  Matt let’s us know that he is always looking forward to movies just to see the special effects.  Nintendo announces a Gameboy emulator and even though the gang would play the all of the games/emulator for free they try to figure out how much they would actually pay for the games/emulator. Lets get that geek popped.

Episode 39: Geek Of Thrones

In this week fantastical issue; The gang talks about the season finale of Game of Thrones. Nick expresses an interest in crabs. We talk waaaay to long about a new kids show featuring the offspring of the Disney villians. Also, Will from the podcast BTL stops by and serves everyone some ice. Lets get that geek popped, GAME OF THRONES STYLE!

Episode 30: Superpower WHITE!

Episode 30: Superpower WHITE

In this unbelievable issue of Geek Pop, we find out Matt thinks being white is a superpower? Game of Thrones episode, The Purple Wedding, is thoroughly discussed. The crew takes a look at a new kooky PC game where you ACT like an airplane. And the new Borderlands pre-sequel gets Big Chris, Lisa, and Nick excited! Lets-a-pop-a-dat-geek!