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Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

Episode 258: SDCC ‘22

In this episode the Geek Pop gang returns to SDCC for the first time in years. Is the the worlds most popular pop culture convention as mighty as it once was? Was there as much to see or do? Did big Chris ever get his soap? Find out in this XL issue of Geek Pop!!


Episode 85: And thanks for all the fish, Gabe.

Episode 85: And thanks for all the fish, Gabe.

In this episode we say good bye to fellow Geek Pop gang member, Gabe. Not to worry though we still bring it all together and speak the geek you all love to hear. Ant-Man review, X-Men pictures, and new Lays potatoes chip flavors are all on the table this episode. So plug in and lets pop that geek.

Episode 79: Magic IS Real.

Episode 79: Magic is Real.

In this topsy-turvey issue: The gang talks about the new Turtle movie, Mad Max, and find out that magic IS real? Alight alight, lets get that geek popped!

Episode 77: Not Opposable!

Episode 77: Not Opposable!

In this heroic issue: The Geek Pop gang gives their review of the new Avengers flick! We talk of opposable boobs on a new MGS figure. The crew kind of gets excited over the new successor of Castlevania, Bloodstained, and we get in to a digital download debate. Come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 76: Popping Your Geek

Episode 76: Popping Your Geek

In this insane issue: The Geek Pop gang weighs in on the Jokers “new” look. We debate who’s more realer, Hawkeye or Black Widow? Some of us lament the death of the Silent Hills and we find out that Marvel and Tell Tale are making a game, yay! Come on, lets get that geek popped!

Episode 70: Ooops!

Episode 70: Ooops!

In this corrupted issue: So this week Geek Pop found a glitch in the matrix. We actually lost the first 30 minutes of this glorious episode. Not to worry though, we were able to save the last half of the episode and are able to post it. We speak of Ghostbusters, Spidy, and VR glasses. Geek Pop also has a $5 off code(GEEKPOP5) for the wonderful new subscription box OmNomBox, check it out. Now come on, lets pop that geek.

Episode 68: My Little Bryan

Episode 68: My Little Bryan

In this weeks steamy issue: Geek Pop announces its first contest where the winner wins a one time guest co-host spot on the show. Its so ridiculously easy to enter that you may think we’re crazy. We also of course talk about the Marvel/Sony Spider-Man deal, the Walking Dead and Better Call Saul season premiers, and we find out how much our boy Bryan likes My Little Ponys. He REALLY likes them. So come along and lets get that geek popped.



In this heavy issue: SURPRISE MUTHA F#@KA! The Geek Pop gang gets in to a twisty debate over M. Night Shyamalan, is he horrible or is he actually great? We ponder what the best Steve Jobs movie is(Its Pirates Of Silicon Valley). We find out a new It movie is being made, a more vicious version. The Jokers new “origin” is openly mocked. And Geek Pop makes a few fun announcements for its near future. Come on and lets get that Geek Popped.

Episode 65: “Rewind That!”

Episode 65: “Rewind that!”

In this stunning issue: Big Chris argues that every one loves Micheal Jackson. The gang gets excited over the soon to be released game, Evolve. Matt revels that Hugh Laurie is his Uncle? Chris and Nick ask Gabe to “rewind that”. Super hero TV, magic boxes, and which side to play on are also all on the menu in this episode. So hop in and lets get that geek popped.

Geek Pop Presents: Level reCap – Episode 2 “Vegas Baby!”

Level reCap – Episode 2 “Vegas Baby!”

Check out this month’s ‘Geek Pop presents *drum roll* Level reCap!’ It’s still a working title but we like it, so far. This episode focuses on games such as #TalesOfTheBorderlands and #Destiny’s new DLC #The DarkBelow, some indie titles like #NeverAlone and #SecretPonchos, and our trip to Las Vegas for the #PlayStationExperience.