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Episode 79: Magic IS Real.

Episode 79: Magic is Real.

In this topsy-turvey issue: The gang talks about the new Turtle movie, Mad Max, and find out that magic IS real? Alight alight, lets get that geek popped!

Episode 76: Popping Your Geek

Episode 76: Popping Your Geek

In this insane issue: The Geek Pop gang weighs in on the Jokers “new” look. We debate who’s more realer, Hawkeye or Black Widow? Some of us lament the death of the Silent Hills and we find out that Marvel and Tell Tale are making a game, yay! Come on, lets get that geek popped!


Episode 45: Comic-Con


In this Comic-Con infused issue of Geek Pop: Comic-Con happens and wouldn’t you know it Geek Pop was there. We talk about the bigger stories that came from this years con. The crew takes in a few awesome trailers, disuses roommate boundaries, and dreamily gushes over the game Evolve. Lets pop that geek.