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Episode 97: NoVag

Episode 97: NoVag

In this extended issue: The Geek Pop gangs collective mind is blown after finding out how much Candy Crush was sold for. We also we talk about the new Magical Beasts movie, Warcraft trailer, and first impressions of Blizzards Overwatch. We also take a minute to mourn fellow Star Wars fan, Danial Fleetwood.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Bryan Lee, and special guest Bryun Sakaye.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Geek Pop Presents: Level reCap Pilot

*Big Chris says: Check out this new show with a focus on video games, brought to you by Geek Pop.

Welcome to a all new monthly video game news and reviews overload! This month we cover the dozen+ games that came out, general gaming news, and review/talk about Assassin’s Creed Unity, Borderlands The PreSequel, Overwatch, and other games we got a thought on. Stay awhile, and listen to the pilot of the new Geek Pop presents, title coming soon.

Episode 58: I Would For Free!

Episode 58: I Would For Free

In this tongue tied episode: The Geek Pop gang butchers the new Warcraft movie announcements. We talk about how Doritos and Mt Dew are FINALLY coming together. The new game, Overwatch from Blizzard is thoroughly analyzed. Chris reckons we came up with a new motto. And we find out Lisa hates a game she used to love. Come on, lets get that geek popped.