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Episode 47: Bizzy Kwik


In this far out issue of Geek Pop: The gang says good bye to legendary actor Robin Williams and reminisce over some of his most memorable roles. The new TMNT movie gets critiqued, is it totally tubular or is it bona fide bogus? Will Vin Diesel be staring in Marvels The Inhumans movie? Does Nick actually know what Wasteland 2 is about? Believe it or not, some of these questions actually get answered. Time to get that geek popped.



Episode 45: Comic-Con


In this Comic-Con infused issue of Geek Pop: Comic-Con happens and wouldn’t you know it Geek Pop was there. We talk about the bigger stories that came from this years con. The crew takes in a few awesome trailers, disuses roommate boundaries, and dreamily gushes over the game Evolve. Lets pop that geek.