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Episode 93: Chest Vests

Episode 93: Chest Vests

In this weeks random issue: The Geek Pop gang marvels at a concept virtual reality theme park called The Void. We argue over what we would do with our Pepsi Perfect bottles. And we tried a taste of ghost pepper hot sauce…ouch. Come on, lets pop that geek.

This episode features Big Christopher Alexandre, Lisa Rehberger, Matt Lowery, and Gabriel Perez.  Edited by Gabriel Perez.


Episode 74:”Loved it?”

Episode 74:”Loved it?”

In this weeks daring issue: The gang talks about Daredevil, of course. We also disect some of the new Terminator trailer as well as the new Ant-Man trailer. Some other stuff to but let be real, everyone wants to know what we thought of Daredevil. So come on, tune in and lets get that Geek Popped.

Episode 61: Everything is Rebooting

Episode 61: Everything is Rebooting

In this mammoth issue: The Geek Pop gang discuss if Will Smith still has the star power to make the Suicide Squad a big hit. Nick defends Ryan Reynolds being cast as Deadpool.  Gabe can’t remember the name of a memorable Bond villain.  We learn when Matt started to grow his glorious ‘statche. The gang tackles the PlayStation Experience and The 12 World Premieres from the Video Game Awards, and someone loses out on a free copy of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Alrighty, lets get that geek popped.

Episode 55: Pink Dragons


In this tense issue: The Geek Pop gang plays a game of “Would you rather?”. Spider-Mans cinematic future is weighed AND measured. Lisa and Nick get snippy with each other. And we all play one of our best reviewed retro games yet! Its time to get that geek popped.

Episode 33: Amazing Spider-Man?

Episode 33: Amazing Spider-Man?

In this amazing episode of Geek Pop: Chris informs us of the relationship between Django and John Shaft. We mourn Bob Hoskins by remembering his work. The crew talks about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, is it any good? White zombies in Japan are mocked. And we invent our own war game starring celebrities! Time to pop that geek.